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CEO's Message

If you were to ask me what sort of business is Zenzoria doing? Straightaway, my answer is traditional business. We recruit agents and wholesalers who in turn do all their transactions in cash terms as all the other traditional businesses do.

image Unlike other traditional businesses which normally require a substantial amount of investment to start the businesses, the investment for Zenzoria business is a mere sum of few thousands ringgit (Malaysian currency). Yet, with this negligible amount of investment, our agents and wholesalers could expand their businesses to be global simply because we have incorporated the essences of network marketing and the power of joint partnership into our business module. The former provides duplication and multiplication and the latter enables us to order goods in bulks so that we can sell our products at very competitive prices throughout the world. The company does not make from high mark-up, rather, we make from quantity. Furthermore, our customers can order goods online with our E commerce system. This business module may sound too good to be true, but it does work wonders in Zenzoria with many of our wholesalers making attractive incomes per month.

To all my Zenzorians, share our business concept clearly with your friends and relatives, recruit them to be agents or wholesalers, together we shall venture into the world market and enjoy the true happiness with our sincerity.

Mr. Goh Aik Chai

Zenzoria's CEO